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A series of fantastic works by fantastic artists.


The Sun Collective Presents: MFS-001 by Acesential
The Sun Collective Presents: MFS-001
The Sun Collective is proud to present the very first functioning Macrocomputational Functionary Servant, designated MFS-001.

The concept of the MFS existed long before the rise of megacorps and The Grid, often as a theoretical set of technologies discussed in many a graduate theses. Plans for the MFS are to have a computer hub capable of accepting many kinds of inputs, with an AI that can work to manage the immense amounts of data that would process through. From there, it would be able to deliver pertinent information to users based on its billions of computations, as well as organize data in an efficient matter. Its applications would range from military, medical, educational, and so forth. Unfortunately, AI technology is still incredibly rudimentary, leaving the coveted MFS still a pipedream for many. That is until today.


So this was a fun one to work on! The idea was given to me by a friend of mine after we collectively came up with a spontaneous cyberpunk universe kind of thing (involving ponies, naturally).

I took inspiration from multiple sources to come up with the final design. You can see exactly what inspired what via this link…

The wings were initially inspired by Gundam, but it took more elements from VTOL aircraft as I tossed propellers into them. The energy wings are still retained from Gundam though, because they look really cool.

The heel-hooves were inspired by a robot pony TF by my friend Daf, which can be seen here:… (slightly NSFW).

Hope you like this drawing~ I may make a series out of these... maybe~
The Emeran Kingdom by Acesential
The Emeran Kingdom
Years before joining the pony fandom, my younger brother and I used to work on a fantasy universe we called Paving the Way. It was an amalgamation of many different ideas that we liked and stole from the games we played, anime we watched, books we read, etc. It was a lot of fun to work on and it was especially cool seeing the world grow and mature as we did.

As it is, Paving the Way has laid dormant since joining the pony fandom, though not completely at the fault of MLP- with high school wrapping up and focusing on the move to college, as well as having to focus on commissions and other opportunities, Paving the Way fell by the wayside.

However, I never completely abandoned the setting- I would still revisit it in my mind on occasion, making tweaks and adjustments to the story and ideas. Fortunately for me, one of my classes in college gave me an opportunity to explore the world of Paving the Way once more, by having us draw a "fantasy landscape". Figured it would be the perfect opportunity to finally draw how I pictured the Emeran kingdom, an important location in the universe.

I am by no means an environmental artist- I lack a lot of skills and training to do it properly. Regardless, it was still incredibly exciting for me to draw out such a central location to PTW. While by no means perfect, this drawing did give me a lot more confidence in drawing these kinds of works, going into the future.

- Process -
To start, I looked up several pictures of locations I wanted to draw inspiration from, namely cities and towns bordering harbors. I also looked up pictures of castles and fortifications, mostly of English make. After that, I cobbled several photographs together to make a rough of the environment I wanted to portray, dragging things around until it fit a composition I liked. Once I found a set up I liked, I sketched over the pictures, adding and removing details, using the photos mostly as reference. After sketching, I inked over it. From there, I used some morning pictures as a color guide, and colored in the environment.

- History -
The world of Paving the Way is split into five ages:

*The age of Dark
*The age of Kindling
*The age of Blue Fire
*The age of Silence
*The age of Rekindling

Many of the stories focus on the age of Rekindling, where after years of the planet recovering from an unknown cataclysmic disaster, people are starting to come back together and reestablish themselves, especially after rediscovering the power of akriterum, a substance of pure blue energy.

The Emeran Kingdom was founded by a Chiran woman, sailing west from the Old World of Histara towards the end of The age of Silence. Almost as soon as she left, the Old World was consumed in a continent wide war. Cut off from communication from the homeland, she established a colony and led it to prosperity, with her family eventually claiming hereditary rule. With its access to a massive harbor, fresh water coming from the mountains, and rolling planes, the Emeran colony flourished into a thriving kingdom within a short period of time.

What you see in the drawing is the Emeran capital, the heart of the kingdom. The kingdom itself stretches for hundreds of miles, divided into several provinces, split between the Inner Provinces (rich, where trade and businesses flourish, especially due to their close connection to the harbor, where all seaborne trade is facilitated) and the outer provinces (poorer, but with plentiful land, and where the kingdom generates most of its food from).

The massive statue in the distance, towering  above the mountains, is a remnant of an ancient civilization from The age of Kindling. Remarkable for its long-pointed ears, many scholars believe the statue to be of an ancient hero, who was either an early human or a relative of humans. One of  its arms had fallen years ago, and its sword is plunged near the coast of the harbor. Regardless, the Emeran people have built around it and many consider the sword a holy symbol. Streams of energy flow between the arm and statue, leading some scholars to theorize that the massive statue can only keep itself erect due to veins of akriterum within it.
Cashing in that Penny by Acesential
Cashing in that Penny
Another drawing involving :iconso-cashi: Cashi, arising from a conversation about shipping him and I. Hence, Penny X Freefall.
Spectra Doctor Commish by Acesential
Spectra Doctor Commish
In celebration of a recent doctorate graduation, good friend and fellow TF enthusiast Twisted Spectrum commissioned me to draw Spectra in some cute medical gear, and I was happy to oblige.
(The commission paid for some pizza and a side~ It was delicious =3)

Congrats, Spec!

Also don't ask me what the background shapes I used mean. I have no idea, I thought they just looked cool.

I'll be livestreaming a donation request stream alongside :iconblindcoyote: blindcoyote!  Raising a little money before Bronycon.  Please come by and drop some donations and requests!


Acesential's Profile Picture
Loel "Acesential" Jr.
Artist | Student | Digital Art
United States
Figured it's high time I updated this thing!

Name's Loel "Acesential" Jr., though most everyone just calls me ace. I started drawing more seriously when I was about 12 or 13, learning how to draw in the anime/manga style (a decision I regret nowadays, but what can you do?) I was never particularly skilled at it, and my arrogant and stubborn teenage brain kept me from improving substantially. For instance, I only seriously started drawing bodies when I was 15 (Yeesh...)

Around June of 2011, I came across the show My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic. Having been a great fan of classic cartoons of the 90s, I saw a lot to like in the show after the first two episodes. Soon afterwards, I became a fan, I became a brony.

And, I have to say, art-wise, MLP has helped me evolve greatly as an artist. I'm actually inking and coloring art and experimenting as well. Ironically, it's these ponies that made me eventually realize that I need to learn to draw realism, something I plan on doing once the summer rolls around. Odd how these things work, right?

I have aspirations of becoming an animator. As for what, I'm not sure. However, I've loved cartoons my whole life, and it would be a dream come true to work on them.

Beyond that, my interests also lie in video game creation. If you ever want to open up a dialogue about video game design, feel free to message me! I love that kind of discussion.

Well, that's it! An anime artist turned brony who wants to go into animation! Check out my gallery, and leave a comment/critique! More towards the latter, if possible!

Loel "Acesential" Jr.

Follow my Tumblr and Twitter here!

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