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I have art stuff!

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A series of fantastic works by fantastic artists.


Fo:E Radio Play EP4- Calamity by Acesential
Fo:E Radio Play EP4- Calamity
Watch it here! -…

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Previously, on EBC's "Fallout: Equestria": In an attempt to redeem herself, Littlepip left the safety of Stable 2 in search of her idol, Velvet Remedy. She was subjected to the harsh rigors of the Equestrian Wasteland, where she learned just how unforgiving a place it could be. After her encounter with the slavers, Monterey Jack, and the raiders of Ponyville, she realized she would need more than just her wits to survive. Advised by the mysterious Watcher to search for armor, weapons, guidance, and friends, she now continues on her journey.


The Equestrian Broadcasting Company (EBC) Presents:
"Fallout: Equestria" - The Radio Play (Season 1, Episode 4)

Jessi "Nowacking" Nowack as Littlepip
Philsterman01 as Calamity
P1K as Watcher
Evan McMillin as Red Eye
Adam "Scorch Mechanic" Hastings as the Narrator

Also featuring the voice talents of:
Hannah May (as Applejack)
Starryflame (as Pinkie Pie)
Dalken Starbyne
Matt "MisterShoebox" Bunch
Cole Petty

With music by Warbalist, Cørvus, and Dalken Starbyne
Editing by Tristan, Lyonize, Cho'Angath, and Shane "TicTac" Wesbrook
Art by Acesential and Pashoo
And casting by RadioHooves, Justin "Xlerb" Levens, and MandaloreDash

Adapted for radio by RadioHooves, LD, and Dalken Starbyne

Based on the story "Fallout: Equestria" by Kkat.
Pony Faces! by Acesential
Pony Faces!
So here's a buncha pony faces of a few friends of mine!

Top to bottom, left to right:

* Equalizer, my boyfriend
* Zimmypony, Pyro-Zimmy
* Penny!
* Spectrum Lighting, :iconjordo76:
* Calpain, :iconcalpain-eqd:
* Silver Lining, Varulv
* Artsy, :iconmynder:
* Spectra, Twisted Spectrum
* Vento, :iconveggie55:

I'm offering these profile pics as $8 commissions, so, if you're interested, toss me a note!

I'll be livestreaming a donation request stream alongside :iconblindcoyote: blindcoyote!  Raising a little money before Bronycon.  Please come by and drop some donations and requests!


Acesential's Profile Picture
Loel "Acesential" Jr.
Artist | Student | Digital Art
United States
Figured it's high time I updated this thing!

Name's Loel "Acesential" Jr., though most everyone just calls me ace. I started drawing more seriously when I was about 12 or 13, learning how to draw in the anime/manga style (a decision I regret nowadays, but what can you do?) I was never particularly skilled at it, and my arrogant and stubborn teenage brain kept me from improving substantially. For instance, I only seriously started drawing bodies when I was 15 (Yeesh...)

Around June of 2011, I came across the show My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic. Having been a great fan of classic cartoons of the 90s, I saw a lot to like in the show after the first two episodes. Soon afterwards, I became a fan, I became a brony.

And, I have to say, art-wise, MLP has helped me evolve greatly as an artist. I'm actually inking and coloring art and experimenting as well. Ironically, it's these ponies that made me eventually realize that I need to learn to draw realism, something I plan on doing once the summer rolls around. Odd how these things work, right?

I have aspirations of becoming an animator. As for what, I'm not sure. However, I've loved cartoons my whole life, and it would be a dream come true to work on them.

Beyond that, my interests also lie in video game creation. If you ever want to open up a dialogue about video game design, feel free to message me! I love that kind of discussion.

Well, that's it! An anime artist turned brony who wants to go into animation! Check out my gallery, and leave a comment/critique! More towards the latter, if possible!

Loel "Acesential" Jr.

Follow my Tumblr and Twitter here!

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Acesential Featured By Owner May 12, 2015  Student Digital Artist
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As it is I am already in a Fallout: Equestria tabletop game.
Also, I don't take random solicitations for RPing, sorry.
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